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His writhing figures seem to invade the viewer’s space and intimidate him/her.

There is something almost Gothic in his dwelling on the more tortured and gruesome aspects of martyrdom.

-1661), who gained protection from the city government of Amsterdam.

The appearance of this embossed Dutch gilt leather was very different from the traditional flat version, the production of which was dominated by leather-makers from Spain and Italy, both of which countries had a long tradition of gilt leatherwork created under strong regulation by the guilds.

All in all, Pordenone is a fascinating hybrid of Gothic and German elements forced through the Michelangelo mangle.

Important examples of his frescoes and paintings can still be seen in his native town, a pleasant provincial capital with a lively atmosphere and lots of places to eat.

Gleiches gelte für Investoren - sie könnten Clubs voranbringen oder im Negativfall zur Entfremdung von Fans und Vereinen beitragen.

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On 4 August 1628 Jacob Dircxz de Swart (before 1594-1641), gilt leather-maker in The Hague, was granted a patent by the States General of the Dutch Republic for fourteen years on a new production method by which it was possible to mass-produce gilt leather with relief patterns.These so-called embossed gilt leathers enjoyed an immediate public vogue.Due to the enormous demand De Swart asked his former companion Hans le Maire (1586-1641), who had moved in 1617 to Amsterdam, to share in his patent.Bis heute sind Pakistan und Indien verfeindet - und sind sich doch so nah."Was als 'historisches Projekt' begann, wird Episode", kommentiert die Chefredakteurin des Dlf, Birgit Wentzien, die verlorene Mehrheit von Rot-Grün in Niedersachsen.

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