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Following last week’ hotly debated Executive Order by Governor Perry to mandate Gardasil in Texas, West Virginia is the latest of at least two dozen states proposing to add the controversial vaccine as a requirement for school attendance.However, unlike Texas and 48 other states including DC, which have laws allowing parents to opt-out, WVA and Mississippi are the only two States that do not provide religious or philosophical exemptions for vaccines.

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The shots were also required of females who posed no risk of contracting or spreading HPV to the wider population. Neither federal health officials nor the pharmaceutical companies have tested the safety of vaccinations in combination.

“It is utterly disgraceful that WVA would force this vaccine on families, especially when their State law provides no relief to those who object to other vaccines,” stated Children of God for Life Executive Director, Debi Vinnedge.

“Even if they include an opt-out for Gardasil, such a move would be unconstitutional for parents who have religious objections to other vaccines, such as those using aborted fetal cell lines.” While Gardasil does not utilize aborted fetal cell lines – a primary focus of Children of God for Life, the group noted it raises other moral concerns. Since Perry’s actions last week, numerous family and medical groups agree that this is a family decision for the parents – not the State.

Anne Schuchat, director of the Centers for Disease Control's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. C., where Kira lives, may soon add the HPV vaccine to the list of necessary school shots - starting with girls entering 6th grade. "The legislation doesn't require that the conversation about the vaccine, center on why you are receiving the vaccine.

Until now, vaccines were only mandated for diseases spread through things like coughs and runny noses. As I've said before, this vaccine no more encourages sexual activity than a tetanus shot encourages you to step on a rusty nail," says Catania.

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