Who is paul dano dating

, Paul Franklin Dano cememented himself as a young actor willing to play controversial roles.Tackling the charachter of Howie Blitzer, a 15 year-old boy beginning to confront his sexuality, he secured the Best Debut Performance award at the 2002 IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards and Best Male Actor at the 2001 Stockholm Film Festival. Picked up by Fox's movie distribution arm the film poking fun at modern-day America reached audiences worldwide and helped catapult Paul Dano to an even greater level of celebrity.

This is a gloriously inventive fable about humanity, faith, guilt and much more that is by turns hilarious, moving, juvenile and deeply profound.Herzo/Heras (the daughter of John Herzo/Heras and Mary Ivopetok). Paul’s grandparents John and Anna were both born in Pennsylvania, and all of their own parents were Slovak immigrants. Paul’s maternal grandfather was Frank Jacob Pipp (the son of Frank Jacob Pipp and Caroline I. Paul’s great-grandfather Frank was born in Michigan, to Austrian-born parents John Pipp and Mary Pangrelic. Caroline was born in Austria, to Frank Snyder and Anna Macek.

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