Brian atwood nate berkus still dating

In some ways, [ we've ] sort of gone full-circle,” Berkus said. 13, HSN will launch an exclusive new line of home décor and furniture from Berkus.magazine, has a hard-to-understand love for the Midwestern grasslands. Those vast expanses of land are what inspired him to paint.

Nevertheless, he has chosen to accept the job as creative director at Bally, and what appeared to be a misalliance, seems to be working out just splendidly: the repertoire—shoes, bags, women’s and men’s wear—has been updated without abandoning the timeless chic and the top quality which the company stands for. The relationship between a woman and her shoes is almost magical: Just think about Cinderella. But they also have an influence in the real world, they change your outlook, the way you walk. Is that the reason why women are willing to suffer for shoes? At least there are some features that allow more comfort: well-balanced heels or extra padding.

But he's not a collector or a dealer, and doesn't even like sports: He's just a loving, supportive son.

You see, his dad, Mike, is a lifelong sports-memorabilia collector, dealer and card-show promoter.

“I kept saying to myself, This isn't a poem—it's a painting,” he says. Hainey taught himself how to paint, working quietly and alone in a small West Village studio that is just big enough to nail his canvases to the floor.

“I guess I come at painting as guys like Frank O' Hara and William Carlos Williams and Wallace Stevens approached their writing,” Hainey says.

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