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All Spanning 5.7 kilometers across the spectacular Vorotan River Gorge, the Tatev Aerial Tramway, “Tatev Wings” - the longest passenger aerial tramway in the world - is poised to be one of southern Armenia's most popular attractions.

The Tatev Revival Project is designed to revitalize Tatev Monastery and its surrounding region, highlighting its religious, academic and cultural legacy, and making it a world-class destination.

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Armenia is a country of old legends and Biblical stories.

It is said that on his descent from Ararat Mountain, Noah first stepped onto this land and, perhaps because of his blessings, Armenia preserved her own independent culture and her people endured every sacrifice.

Just next to the Mausoleum there are the ruins of a 4th century church.

The fortress, founded in the 7th century by Pahlavouni princes, had its own water-supply pipe which channels springs from the Aragats Mountain.

The church inside the fortress was built in 1026 as shown by the date inscribed on the door.

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