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Our entire understanding of the world and current affairs is filtered through the mass media, interpreted by journalists and so-called experts.Their views become our views simply because we are not offered any alternatives.Copyright Ron Panzer 2011-2013 HTML/web version Published by Hospice Patients Alliance, Inc. XIII - A Purpose In My Life and Yours True Reform that Protects Citizens Reforming Government: Rebuilding America Hospice Life Association: Respecting Life at the End-of-Life Pro-life Healthcare Alliance: Renewing Reverence for Life Acknowledgements About the Author What Others Have to Say Fair Use Notice There are numerous books about the history of euthanasia and eugenics proposals in our society. It offers a rare glimpse from my experience within the end-of-life industry, my work as a patient advocate, and includes the revelations of hundreds and hundreds of people as they have recounted it to me.

The purpose of the tour is to enlighten the public about the common origin of 9/11 and the War on Terror.

Formal education through schools, colleges and universities continues the systematic indoctrination where the 'correct' views and interpretations of science, history and society result in exam passes and the ability to 'get on' in life.

Alternative views and the rejection of establishment education lead to supposedly lesser jobs and a struggle against economic poverty.

The new holiday is strictly commemorative, meaning that banks will remain open, and no one will get any mandatory paid time-off from work, but instead it will be treated as a day of acknowledgment and celebration.

H2O Man I thought it might be interesting to say a few words about the news that Mr.

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