Literary dating

Our Spring issue is published in March, the summer issue is published in June, the fall issue is published in September and the winter issue is published in December.

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The Café Review is a quarterly print volunteer publication based in Portland, Maine that has been publishing art, poetry and poetry book reviews for over 25 years.

Sure, with networking connections or nepotism, you may not need a literary agent. Good literary agents are tuned into the literary trends.

You may be able to weasel your manuscript onto the desk of a high-level editor, spark her interest, and garner a two-book sale. They know which publishing imprints publish which kinds of books. Theyre like mini-gods running the literary universe.

Mostly, it depends on what you want and what you and your beta reader(s) agree to.

If you're particular and/or thin-skinned, the more up front you are regarding the kind of beta reader and feedback you're looking for, the better the experience you'll have.

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